Zaveli 02.png
Clan Freaks
Bonus Poison 2, Min 3
Ability +3 Pillz
Rarity Rare
Artist RobynnFrauhn
Released February 2, 2018
Stars 5
Stats Lv2 6/3
Stats Lv3 7/4
Stats Lv4 7/6(Ability activated)
Stats Lv5 9/7


Rescued as a baby by the Freaks circus, Zaveli grew up among people who were well versed in making the most of their differences. So, it was hardly surprising that with her hands of stone, she started to bend bigger and bigger steel bars before moving on to titanium. This not only allows her to perform an impressive act under the big top, but it also gives her the chance to work off the excessive strength she holds within.


  • Hellgirl: Do 30 poison damage with Zaveli.
  • Titanium Fist: Inflict 200 damage with Zaveli.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • Her artwork is based off of the comic-book superhero, Hellboy.

Full Artwork

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