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It is said that little Zoe, Beeboy's best pupil, would spend more time on her hands than on her feet. After a childhood of intensive break-dancing, the young girl went through a period when she would chase Shann as she scaled over the rooftops – all in the hope of catching up with her someday. Not to mention the hours spent on imitating Joao. Despite an undeniable gift for acrobatics, Zoe found it hard to feel fulfilled simply by following in the footsteps of the people she looked up to. The answer came to her through an Urban Ball left lying on one of the basketball courts. What kind of a twist of fate was this? Now that she can make the ball do whatever she wants, she's single-handedly created a brand new sport – the "BBB" or BeatBreakBall.


  • Beat, Break, Dance: Inflict 70 damage with Zoe.
  • Mistress of the Urban Ball: Win 40 fights with a knock-out from Zoe.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Her base damage is 7, which is good for a 5*.
  • Her ability increase her base power for each member of her clan in your hand, making her a potential 9/7.
  • Her stats make her a good bluff against your opponent.
  • The clan bonus increases her power by two, making her a potential 7/7.
  • If you combine her ability and bonus together, she becomes a potential 11/7.


  • Her base power is 5, which is low for a 5*.
  • Her ability can't be used to her full potential in half decks.
  • She is weak against SoA, since she can't increase her power all the way.
  • Her main weakness are all-stops, since she must stick with her low base power.
  • She is a 5*, so she takes up a lot of room in your deck.
  • She has competition from the other 5* in Bangers.


  • She is Arctopicto's first Bangers card.
  • The ball changing in each level seems to mimic that of Wakka's weapon from Final Fantasy X.

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